A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder? Well, There Is One…

Actually, there is a squirrel proof feeder – at least at my house – that works like a charm. It’s one of those lucite lean-to looking things that sticks to your window with suction cups. Not as elaborate as some of the nice cedar or metal birdfeeders out there, this one is cool because you can stick it to a window evon on the second floor and the squirrels can’t get to it. (That is if it isn’t close to the roof, a tree, a railing or anything else that gives the wiley little buggers a leg up!)

Of course there are drawbacks to these as well – because they’re stuck to the window, if it’s off the ground you have to OPEN the window to fill it or do it from outside with a ladder or something (ridiculous), so I put mine in my livingroom window, which is one of three right next to each other. I have to open the window next to it and reach out to fill the feeder. A pain, yes. Worth it? Definitely! Is it a 100% squirrel proof bird feeder? Probably not for all locations, but for us it worked!

Even though my website RemoveSquirrels.com is focused on getting rid of squirrels, they do have their moments. Here’s my favorite squirrel video this week – not a new one but I just came across it and it’s awesome: Squirrels Gone Wild. Enjoy!!!