Fox Squirrels

fox squirrel in a treeEastern fox squirrels are tree squirrels. The fox squirrel ranges from Central Canada all the way down to Florida, with its population concentrated in the eastern United States.

A couple of fox squirrel facts:

  • How did fox squirrels get their name? It’s because fox squirrels have reddish-gray fur that is similar to a fox. They also have white belly fur and a white tip on their tail.
  • Fox squirrels are diurnal, which means they’re most active during the day.
  • They usually live within deciduous forests and feed mostly on nuts and seeds. Besides being found in forests, fox squirrels can also be found near residential areas if there is an abundance of food sources nearby.
  • Fox squirrels often make nests high up in trees using twigs, leaves and grasses for insulation against extreme temperatures. They are excellent climbers and often rely on this skill to avoid predators.
  • Fox squirrels are social animals and can often be seen scampering around in groups. They are an important species in their ecosystems, playing a role in seed dispersal, pollination and providing food for predators.

With fox squirrels as part of the natural landscape, nature-lovers can also look forward to fantastic sightings!

How are fox squirrels different from gray squirrels?

For one thing, fox squirrels are larger in size and weigh about 1.5 kg on average, while gray squirrels only weigh half as much. Fox squirrels’ fur is also more reddish-gray compared to gray squirrels that have a darker gray color. Lastly, fox squirrels are found more in the eastern parts of North America while gray squirrels have a wider range across most of the continent.

Not sure if the squirrel you are looking at is a fox squirrel? Check out our squirrel identification resources, and learn more about what to look for. You can also take a look at this North American Tree Squirrels book by

With its beautiful fur, foxy features and playful nature, fox squirrels add life and energy to any landscape they inhabit! Watching fox squirrels move around with great agility makes for an enjoyable sight and reminds us all how amazing nature can be. So if you’re ever lucky enough to spot some fox squirrels scurrying around, take a moment to admire this beautiful species! You can count yourself fortunate for having seen one of nature’s most remarkable  and adaptable creatures.