Why Remove Squirrels?

Squirrels seem pretty harmless…so why remove squirrels from your home, garage or office?

RemoveSquirrels.com is a website that I created as a way to figure out what to do with too many squirrels around my house.  I started writing about it to learn more about them and resolve the probleSquirrels=Cute, but Annoyingm(s) in one way or the other over time. And THAT goes for SQUIRRELS tenfold. Unfortunately, I’m still writing but it hasn’t been resolved…

I used to like squirrels. Every home I have ever owned has had squirrels. We had a house in Maine one time where we had a feeder hanging outside our dining room window 2 stories off the ground, and those little buggers would leap off the roof to get to it! Occasionally they would fall to the driveway, you’d feel sure they probably had at minimum some serious internal injuries, but nope! Up and off they would go, to come back and fight another day. Entertaining.

Like I said, it used to be cute.

I also like birds. Just to watch, no Audobon-like behaviors or anything. A couple of years ago I had a bird feeder perched on top of a dead tree stump about 15 feet high – perfect.  All kinds of Adirondack-loving birds showed up. But then came the squirrels. They ravaged my nice feeder, no joke. Then came the flying squirrels at night…ridiculous. Tore the windows out of it and ate everything in sight, knocking a good portion of seed to the ground as they went, an open invitation to all creatures great and small, apparently.

Next thing you know, weeks later, there’s a racoon sitting up there big as life eating out of the thing in broad daylight, looking at me like, “Where’s my Coke, lady?”  Later that summer, we had a black bear roaming our neighborhood tearing up all the feeders. He showed up in our garage one night drinking out of the dog dish . My husband nearly tripped over him when he opened the kitchen door.

Can I really blame that on the squirrels? You better believe it. I gave up my bird feeder last year, but they must have gotten a good start or like the neighborhood. They’re STILL everywhere.  Arrrgghhh!!!

I get emails from folks a lot who express frustration and amazement at these guys…no matter what they do, doesn’t seem to help.  Feel free to share your experience or just pay a visit.