Squirrel Identification Resources

Squirrel Identification Resources

What Kind of Squirrel is That?

Noticed a squirrel in your yard, or driving through your neighborhood, that you haven’t seen before? Different look, or color? How many types of squirrels are there anyway? Our squirrel identification resources list can help you identify the little buggers.

There are more than 200 species across the world, with what seems like endless colors and sizes. There are actually only 3 types of squirrels in the US: tree squirrels, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels.

The characeristics and colors of squirrels range from gray, red, black, and yes, blue squirrels!

Squirrel Identification Resources

We definitely don’t have all the answers, so here are some links to resources you can use to figure out which feisty little rodent you’re looking at:

Have fun!

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